5 Stylish Living Room Inspirational Design Ideas you will Love 

Your living room is where your soul lives. This is the place where you can show off your art and craft skills along with everything that you have to brag about. There are numerous things that make pump a new life into your living room. One such thing is the manner of decoration that is prevalent in your living room. It basically highlights your personality. Thus, you may be in constant need of new and exotic ideas to make your living room better every day.

To make that just possible, we have brought to you 5 stylish ideas for decoration. Let us now see what those inspirational design ideas are. 

Keep your seating low 

This idea is tried and tested by interior designers and is known to reek with an appeal of its own. The idea inspires you to go for low furniture when buying furniture. The exposed legs of the couches make the floor look less crowded. Eventually, a sense of more spaces is created, keeping everyone more engaged and open to conversation. A crowded environment is bound to subtly claustrophobic leading to less intimate contacts between conversations. Your living room is supposed to be the most happening place in your home. 

Be particular about what you display 

You must make your living room a living piece of art by displaying some exotic stuff from the market and from your attic. There may be things your grandparents kept for you in the attic. They may serve no apparent material purpose today but they can be worthy pieces of art, if you will. When you do consider displaying these things, you must keep some geometry and symmetry in mind in order to accentuate the atmosphere of your living room. There are ways in which the artworks make your living room look larger apart from being replete with fascination. 

Mount smart lighting appliances on walls 

Smart lighting is specially crafted to save space as it can be mounted on the walls. Unnecessary lamps and shades occupying too much space are eliminated. The floor space is thus, set free from unwanted clogging. This idea is also effective in giving a modern feel to the living room, leading to a pronounced aesthetic appeal. 

Move over to larger things 

It is verified fact that a lot of small things occupy more space than a large replacement for it that can serve the purpose equally well. It is advisable to get rid of numerous small things in your living room and replace them with larger things. Such a swap can be easily pulled off when it comes to couches. 

Dramiticize with colors 

You should not be afraid of going for bold and exotic colors when decorating your living room. Higher contrasts generally tend to higher aesthetics. A dark shade of the wall can be complemented with a light colored couch with bold accent cushions. The combination will look dramatically attractive without much effort. 

Your living room can be easily spruced up with the ideas discussed above. Try them, it will be all worth it. Happy decorating! 

Top Living Room Ideas for You 

Your living room is the place where you can express yourself in ways that you are the master of. This often leaves with worries centered around its decoration. At times you find yourself zoned out after having over-thought the process for decoration, often leading to unsatisfactory results. We have to agree that ideas for your living room experience a dearth of innovation and that it is actually painful to decide on something.

To make things easier, we have come up with certain living room ideas that are easy to pull off and can be carried out at your comfort. Those ideas are as listed below. 

Add more than just couches to your living room 

You should consider doing more with your living room than just placing some couches and a television in it. There are many more things to do. As mentioned earlier as well, expressing yourself is the key component of decorating a living room. Bring in more uses to the living room. Add some bookcases, chairs and tables to give it a tinge of dining area, and some more items from your study to make the living room matter more. 

Try new things with the cocktail table 

You may be fond of showing off your collection of drinks. Sure, living room is just the right place to do it. But pulling off the mundane would not do much here. Tables can be more than rectangular or square. Go for more exotic shapes or rather combine some small tables. Maybe you could bring in an ottoman in place with a tray on top. 

Try a different position for the furniture 

There is a common habit of sticking the furniture with the walls of the room. But this practice is discouraged as it creates gaps in conversations. Shift your furniture toward the center of your living room to create a more intriguing seating arrangement. This idea also makes sure that the center of the living room is the most happening place. 

Give new ideas to furniture 

You may be dealing with a smaller space. This, however, does not affect your creativity when it comes to furniture. You can go for a large couch that marks the epicenter of the living room. This also adds to the seating arrangement, accommodating more people at once. 

Mix and match 

Do not be afraid to play mix and match when it comes to decoration. A mismatch can be an attraction many times. However, if you feel you need to keep things decent, try keeping the colors same while playing around with patterns. 

Symmetry is what makes things beautiful 

There is no wonder that symmetry adds to the aesthetic appeal of your living room. When you place new couches in the living room, try to juxtapose them in pairs to create a sense of symmetry. This idea is also effective when you install lamps on the walls. Try it to believe it. 

So, we have summed up aesthetics of your living room in 6 simple ideas. Do try them for a cohesive appeal. Happy decorating! 

How to use a Jigsaw to cut Wood 

The jigsaw is a revolutionary addition into the world of carpentering. This little device brings a lot of power into the hands of its user with the help of lightweight yet effective machinery. The jigsaw has an enormous amount of power and control on the specimen being dealt with and is easy to use at the same time. However, like every sharp object, a jigsaw is slightly dangerous too. It needs to be handled with care when going onboard with wood or other objects. This article is all about bringing to light, the method of cutting wood using a jigsaw. Let us go on and see what it has. 

First things first 

For almost all cutters that occupy this world, a workspace stands out as a necessity. But jigsaw remains an exception as it does not quite require any. Many of you might not have an elaborate garage for working with things. But there is no need to worry as all you need for your jigsaw are two sawhorses over which plywood can be balanced. 

A requirement that need not be overlooked 

You need to properly harness your wood to the base you are using. This is the most vital aspect of cutting wood with a jigsaw. Not doing it may lead to unwanted hindrances and distorted results. 

How to make a cut 

It is necessary that you proceed with caution when using a gadget like this. We advise that you do not miss any of the steps that we have listed down while dealing with wood. 

  • Make sure that you have fastened the piece of wood with the base. 
  • Fit in the blade carefully before beginning to cut. 
  • Load the batteries into your device to give it power. 
  • Bring the blade of the instrument closer to the piece of wood but keep the blade not in contact with the wood as yet. 
  • Kickstart the device by pulling the trigger. Allow the blade to run and attain full speed prior to bringing the jigsaw and wood in contact. 
  • In case you cannot cut a straight line without help, get yourself a small peck of wood or an edge guide to help. 
  • After the blades are running at full speed, allow the connection between the jigsaw and the piece of wood. 
  • Go on to make a cut in the shape desired. Make sure you have all the necessary safety gear around you to avoid any unlikely but possible mishap while handling the machine. 
  • When you have achieved the desired shape of your cut, allow the blades to stop running fully before terminating the contact between the device and the piece of wood being worked upon. This step prevents any damage that may be caused to the blades of the machine. 
  • If you plan on keeping the device aside after making the cut, consider removing the batteries from it for obvious safety reasons. 

Do take care that you concentrate well on what you do with the jigsaw. Happy cutting!