Keurig Coffee Maker vs. Ninja Coffee Bar 

The world of coffee has been advancing at a rapid pace lately. What keep the industry running are the coffee enthusiasts. Such people who love coffee now have an incredible choice of coffee makers. There are various coffee makers available in the market. The most prominent manufacturers to look out for are Keurig Coffee Maker and Ninja. Both the brands have carved quite a niche for themselves in the market. However, when it comes down to comparison, it is bound to confuse anyone. Here, we will put the coffee makers from the two brands up against each other so that you can make an informed choice. So, let us now begin the showdown.

  • First things first: the price tag 

When it comes to buying appliances for your home, the foremost aspect to look out for is the price tag. In this scenario, both the coffee makers seem to be at the same level. The market prices of both the machines are largely the same. 

  • The availability of accessories 

The option to add accessories provides you with the flexibility of getting more out of the machine. Where the Keurig comes as a single unit, the Ninja has a plethora of accessories available to provide more operations apart from just regular brewing. 

  • The comparison of technologies 

Both the machines are advanced. The technologies can be seen as at par with one another. The Keurig has a specialty Quite Brew technology that is considered helpful for your late night coffee needs. The Ninja, on the other hand, comes with the Auto-IQ out of the box. 

  • Ability to carry around 

Keurig provides an easier mobility in comparison to Ninja. Keurig comes with a drip tray which makes it easier to carry around while Ninja is a single heavy unit, almost impossible to carry around. 

  • Special brews 

The Ninja is well renowned for its Specialty Brews out of the box. On the other hand, most of the Keurig coffee makers do not provide this feature as they can only brew coffee. 

  • Size of the reservoir 

The Ninja boasts of a capacity of 50 ounces of water at a time. In comparison, Keurig leaps way ahead of it with a staggering 90 ounce water capacity indicating that it is suited for longer operations. 

  • The choice of pods 

The Keurig provides the user with specifically sized pods for loading coffee into it. It saves unnecessary labour in the case of maintenance. Working with a pod, the Keurig can deliver coffee within a minute while a Ninja is incapable of doing that. Moreover, these pods can be stored for longer durations. 

The Ninja is podless giving it the feel of a professional miniature coffee house in your hands. This also implies that the coffee preferences rest in the hands of the user. Furthermore, pods are generally more expensive. 

 This sums up the comparison between two arguably best coffee makers in the market. While we have laid down a comparison of features, we do not solicit one particular machine. The choice remains subjective. Happy brewing!  

Ninja Coffee Bar – How to make a Multi-layered Cappuccino 

Coffee has always kept up its reputation for being the most happening beverage ever with its unparalleled and unique essence. From a full nighter to a casual outing to a long-awaited date, coffee has always complimented your life events and will continue to do so until time exists. What makes coffee more versatile is the number of exotic recipes that have surfaced over the years. Coffee has gone places and come back with a recipe or two.

The powerful brewers available today have brought these recipes at the comfort of your home provided you happen to own a machine. If you want a Ninja Coffee Bar, you can check out this comparison on SolidGoldEats ( we have come back with another mind-blowing recipe. It is called “Multi-layered Cappuccino”. The beverage stays true to its name and does not fail to enthrall the lovers. Let us now see how it is brewed. 

Some minute details with regard to the recipe 

This recipe is well suited for the model CF080. The Ninja Coffee Bar ensures that you do not have to do much of the work and that you are ready with your favourite drink in less than 20 minutes. Health aspects of coffee are known facts. 

The things that you will require for the recipe 

There are certain essential things that will go into the making of the Multi-layered Cappuccino. Brewing coffee is an intricate craft implying that the items in the list given below have to be arranged for just as they are stated. Here is the list: 

  • A Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer, undoubtedly 
  • 2 tablespoons of caramel sauce, add more to your basket for the purpose of garnishing. 
  • About a half cup filled with milk concentration 1% 
  • 3 tablespoons of coffee, ground perfectly 

When these items are ready, so are you. 

The procedure of brewing 

Brewing a multi-layered cappuccino takes into account and incorporates the various facets offered by the Ninja Brewer. Try to stick to the steps that are stated as under: 

  • Fill out the brew basket of the brewer in accordance with the measurement stated in the list of ingredients. 
  • Place a mug in position for brewing. 
  • Select the size of the cup in accordance with your preference. Now toggle the brew button to Specialty Brew. 
  • While the brewing process takes place in your Ninja, grab a jar and in it, add the caramel sauce and milk. Transfer it to a microwave and allow a minute of running time.  
  • After having removed it from the microwave, run the Frother for about 15 times. In case you do not wish to run the Frother, shake caramel sauce and milk together until they form a foamy mixture. 
  • When you have the brew completed, pour the mixture made in the step above into the brewed coffee. 
  • Garnish with the extra caramel sauce for the final touch. 

A special coffee is ready for you. 

We never recommend that you wait for the right time to turn a recipe into reality. The time is always now. Happy brewing!