How to use a Jigsaw to cut Wood 

The jigsaw is a revolutionary addition into the world of carpentering. This little device brings a lot of power into the hands of its user with the help of lightweight yet effective machinery. The jigsaw has an enormous amount of power and control on the specimen being dealt with and is easy to use at the same time. However, like every sharp object, a jigsaw is slightly dangerous too. It needs to be handled with care when going onboard with wood or other objects. This article is all about bringing to light, the method of cutting wood using a jigsaw. Let us go on and see what it has. 

First things first 

For almost all cutters that occupy this world, a workspace stands out as a necessity. But jigsaw remains an exception as it does not quite require any. Many of you might not have an elaborate garage for working with things. But there is no need to worry as all you need for your jigsaw are two sawhorses over which plywood can be balanced. 

A requirement that need not be overlooked 

You need to properly harness your wood to the base you are using. This is the most vital aspect of cutting wood with a jigsaw. Not doing it may lead to unwanted hindrances and distorted results. 

How to make a cut 

It is necessary that you proceed with caution when using a gadget like this. We advise that you do not miss any of the steps that we have listed down while dealing with wood. 

  • Make sure that you have fastened the piece of wood with the base. 
  • Fit in the blade carefully before beginning to cut. 
  • Load the batteries into your device to give it power. 
  • Bring the blade of the instrument closer to the piece of wood but keep the blade not in contact with the wood as yet. 
  • Kickstart the device by pulling the trigger. Allow the blade to run and attain full speed prior to bringing the jigsaw and wood in contact. 
  • In case you cannot cut a straight line without help, get yourself a small peck of wood or an edge guide to help. 
  • After the blades are running at full speed, allow the connection between the jigsaw and the piece of wood. 
  • Go on to make a cut in the shape desired. Make sure you have all the necessary safety gear around you to avoid any unlikely but possible mishap while handling the machine. 
  • When you have achieved the desired shape of your cut, allow the blades to stop running fully before terminating the contact between the device and the piece of wood being worked upon. This step prevents any damage that may be caused to the blades of the machine. 
  • If you plan on keeping the device aside after making the cut, consider removing the batteries from it for obvious safety reasons. 

Do take care that you concentrate well on what you do with the jigsaw. Happy cutting!